Monday June 17th, 2013

It’s Monday! What are you reading?

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Join Jen and Kellee’s meme and share all of the reading you have done over the week from picture books to young adult reads! A fantastic way to learn about new titles.

Phew! Reports cards are finished (just moments ago) and some exciting field trips happened and busy busy June events and so my picture book reading was not what it has been . . . This week I am only going to share three picture books and three novels.

Here goes . . .

1-2-3 Dinosaurs Bite! A Prehistoric Counting Book An American Museum of Natural History Illustrated by Steve Jenkins I purchased this board book to be used when our kindergarten buddies come up to read. It’s fun – there are literal bite marks in the book. And . . . Steve Jenkins! Say no more. At the back there is more information about what the 5 dinosaurs on these pages actually ate and close up looks at some of the dinosaur features. So much fun for dinosaur enthusiasts!



What Will Hatch? written by Jennifer Ward and illustrated by Susie Ghahremani I adored this title as soon as I saw it in the bookstore. It is structured to be a simple guess and confirm read aloud with beautiful pictures and then there is more information in the back about each of the oviparous animals featured in the book. The extra information shared includes: time in egg, mother, where and siblings. There are eight animals featured including crocodiles, sea turtles, caterpillars and the platypus. Initial text is lyrical and rhythmic:

Sandy ball. What will hatch? (flip the page)

Paddle and crawl. Sea turtle.



Little Red Hood  by Marjolaine Leray I find this book divine. although it may well be a picture book better suited for adults and older children. Scritchy, scratchy black, white and red lines and scribbles tell a version of Little Red Riding Hood. But this text is cheeky, dark and bold. Let’s just say that Little Red is not a typical victim in this story.



I also finished three novels. Books are my escape when I should be writing report cards so somehow 🙂 I managed to squeeze this reading in!

Accomplice by Eireann Corrigan I didn’t love this book but the concept was certainly interesting. Two teens are convinced that their only route into elite colleges will be to truly stand out. Good grades and interesting activities, service hours and hobbies simply won’t cut it. They need a story. A story that will show that they are capable and have overcome challenges. So how about a kidnapping and recovery? But a kidnapping doesn’t just happen to you. Unless you plan it . . . So one of the girls will be the victim and the other will be her rescuer. It all seems good on paper. When it actually begins to play out, it is a whole other story . . . Certainly a commentary on the competition students feel to secure their future. Just an okay read for me.


The Room by Emma Donoghue This is definitely an adult read but since it is narrated by a five year old, I included it here. I avoided this book for a few years thinking it would just be too upsetting. It was impossible to put down and I finished it in a day. Upsetting but so much more – a testament to a mother’s love, a story of survival, of honouring freedom and choice and of a little boy who is a little boy and knows nothing different.


The Misfits by James Howe This book was recommended to me by the amazing Dickens Teacher Librarian Cheriee and perfect timing as I had just read this wonderul post by author Vicki VanSickle: YA is Too Late: Gay characters in Middle Grade Fiction. This book has so much to make it a must read for middle grade readers. Themes of friendship, bullying, diversity, glbt. The dialogue in this book is fantastic and the characters and friendships are wonderful. A book about a group of kids who decide to stand up to the name calling that exists at their middle school. Highly recommended.

The Misfits

Next up? I just picked up a number of holds at my pubic library including Paperboy by Vince Vawter. And now that reports are over I plan to test out some early readers/easy chapter books I just picked up to hook my class as soon as they return in September. Picking some of my favourites now!

12 thoughts on “Monday June 17th, 2013

  1. Isn’t James Howe also the author of the Bunnicula series? Kids used to love those books a few years ago. I am also a fan of Steve Jenkin’s illustrations-very clean and simple, yet beautiful.

  2. ROOM was one of the creepiest but most memorable books I’ve ever read. So well written! The recent story in the news about the rescued girls kidnapped for 10 yrs. reminded me of that book! I’ve wanted to read the Misfits!

  3. I too remember Bunnicula and the others. Glad to hear about The Misfits-would it make a good read aloud for the first of the year? I will look for Little Red Hood-enticing! I’ve avoided Room also, maybe someday? I imagine you are happy to be finally done. Although I’ve been busy, it’s a relief not to do ‘work’ too. Happy Reading, Carrie!

    • I am happy to be finished reports – it will still be a very busy 2 weeks with the kids. Lots of emotions at the end of the year. The Misfits would be a great read aloud for Grade 6 and up and a wonderful lit circle book! I liked a lot.

  4. The Misfits reminded me of our oddballs and misfits theme – although it would be good to just tackle lgbt issues on its own entirely – there is actually a literary award devoted to novels that tackle this very important issue – the stonewall award (have you heard of this?) – wonderful novels have won over the years including will grayson will grayson.
    Your review of Room is very cryptic, I just might have to find it. Your description of the accomplice reminded me of the movie “21” which I often use in teaching graduate school to discuss moral issues and dilemmas that gifted teenagers/young adults face.
    I have a feeling LIttle Red Hood is exactly my kind of read. Can’t wait to find it. 🙂

    • Yes. I described Room in very cryptic ways as it is really an upsetting book. Check out the summary on Goodreads. You would definitely like Little Red Hood!
      I don’t know about the Stonewall Award – I’m going to look into it. Thanks!

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