Bear Has a Story to Tell

Magnus, our BLG reader this week shared the gorgeous Bear Has a Story to Tell with our class. Written and illustrated by the extremely talented team of author Phillip C. Stead and illustrator Erin E. Stead, this book was an instant favourite. It brought quiet smiles and laugh out loud giggles as we experienced this gentle story about patience and the change of seasons.

Bear Has a Story to Tell - There's a Book for That!

I have highlighted this book before on this blog:

“Text and illustrations that match perfectly to create a quiet and calm book about the change of seasons and a small group of friends. There is so much space in this book to question and reflect. It begs to have its pages turned slowly and to just revel in each scene. On some pages it was the phrasing, others the muted colours of a forest sky that asked to be enjoyed before moving on.  It isn’t possible to move quickly through this book just as we have no power over the pace the seasons come at us. Beautiful.”

I am a huge fan of both of the Steads. When they tell a story together, it is even more powerful! It was wonderful to have this book read aloud to my students and be able to sit amongst them and watch as the story was experienced. This book cast a gentle kind of spell over us. A quiet calm crept up as Magnus read. And then when all of the anticipation kind of went poof . . . the laughing and chatter began in earnest. A simply delightful book!

Student reviewers respond:

Kelvin: To the author and ilustrator: How did you make the spine and cover so shiny? Was that story the bear had really really important? I loved the book. It is so beautiful and exquisite and generous. It makes me happy.

Andrew: My favourite part was when the bear forgot his story. To the author: What story was the bear going to tell? To the illustrator: I like all the pictures so much.

Arianne: To the author: Why do bears hibernate? I love the pages in the book where the illustrator turned the book sideways for the mole’s house underground.

Vicky: My favourite part is when the bear asked mouse, duck, frog and mole if they had time to hear a story. I felt happy when Magnus read the book. I think in the story a bear tells a story, he’s telling the story we were reading.

Brian: My favourite part was when the bear was in a deep sleep just like Cinderella. When the bear forgot his story, it was pretty silly.

Heman: My favourite part is when the bear tried to tell the story to his friends. I liked the pictures. They were so colourful. It was funny when the bear forgot the story at the end.

Gracie: My favourite part is when the bear starts to tell a story. I think  . . . in the story a bear tells a story and the story he’s telling is the story! It makes a circle! I like this book!

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