Monday April 22nd, 2013

It’s Monday! What are you reading? 

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Join Jen and Kellee’s meme to share all of your reading from the week – everything from picture books to young adult reads.

I’ve enjoyed sharing some new classroom books with my class this week. Many of them I was able to read aloud and enjoy all of the rich discussion they sparked.

My favourite five picture books of the week:

Snow Rabbit, Spring Rabbit: A Book of Changing Seasons written and illustrated by Il Sung Na This is a gorgeously created book to introduce young readers to all the wonders of the changing seasons as they follow a little rabbit through the pages. He hops through the winter white and eventually ends up in the spring, outfitted in his new brownish fur. Beautifully captures the transition between winter and spring. My students were intrigued by how the artist seemed to have created her own paper to make collages.

Snow Rabbit, Spring Rabbit Il Sung Na review

Pirateria: The Wonderful Plunderful Pirate Emporium written and illustrated by Calef Brown Oh, the writing and questions this book inspired . . . Read here for student reviews.    Imagine entering a pirate store with every imaginable piece of pirate gear. What would you choose? Interested in learning about how to avoid the gallows? Well, at Pirateria, they have a class for that! Told in energetic rhyme and illustrated in moody hues, this book was a huge hit in my classroom! We could have spent all day just examining the eye patch page. The book is worth owning just for that wonderful page!


The Frank Show written and illustrated by David Mackintosh My students LOVE David Mackintosh. Earlier in the year I shared Marshall Armstrong is New to Our School with them. As soon as I pulled out this new Mackintosh book they instantly started talking about the book they knew. Such distinctive and kid friendly quirky style. This title is all about a young boy who thinks his Grandpa Frank is not going to be an interesting share at Show and Tell. But, watch out for the older generation! Boy do they pull out all the stops. I am a sucker for any title with a well done intergenerational relationship so . . . hooked! A really, really great book to share to highlight how wonderful it is to get to know our grandparents.

The Frank Show

Chameleon’s Colors written and illustrated by Chisato Tashiro We have been a little chameleon obsessed in my room lately. So this book was a real treat. It poses the very interesting question: What if other animals happened to change their colours? Or do original colours serve important purposes? Art. Science. Wonder.


Prickles vs. The Dust Bunnies (A Balloon Toons comic) by Daniel Cleary There are some really fantastic Balloon Toons comics out there. This, is absolutely one of them! I was just going to book talk this book and give a few sneak peeks but ended up reading the whole thing aloud. So much fun as a shared read! So, really, be honest, who doesn’t struggle with the odd dust bunny (or an infestation under those hard to move couches)? This little book will have you thinking about dust bunnies with a whole new respect. And maybe a little empathy? A big smiles and giggles book!

Prickles vs the Dust Bunnies

Things got busy this week with this and that and strangely I didn’t finish any novels. Maybe it was reading all of the #IRA2013 tweets! But, I am close to finishing Requium by Lauren Oliver and am loving sharing Listening for Lions by Gloria Whelan with both my student book club and as a read aloud with my children.

Next up? The Water Castle by Megan Frazer Blakemore.

Happy Reading one and all! Have a great week.

22 thoughts on “Monday April 22nd, 2013

  1. What a great set of books! I don’t have any of these but they look like the type I would be reading to my students. I always like a bit of humor in my read alouds and these look like they deliver it.

  2. Hi there Carrie! I am pinning most of your titles again as I have not come across any of these gorgeous picture books as yet. I think I would particularly enjoy Snow Rabbit and Chameleon’s Colors. Will have to find these titles here in our libraries. 🙂

    • Hope you can locate them. Really wonderful books to share with kids. I’ve been watching children read these titles independently all week. Making the rounds into everyone’s book bins!

  3. Per usual, Carrie, you add to my list. The Snow Rabbit books looks gorgeous & I like the premise of the chameleon book-sounds like a very good lesson there. I’ll pass along the pirate book to our librarian; we always have some students studying pirates, so they’ll love that one! Thank you!

  4. Great list! For your ‘chameleon obsessed classroom’, have you heard of A Million Chameleons by James Young? I remember it being rather funny. Love Snow Rabbit Spring Rabbit. In Edmonton, this would be redundant.

    • I don’t know this title but in searching, looks like it is out of print. Maybe I can track it down through my library. The hunt is on! You are right, this book (Snow Rabbit Spring Rabbit) in Edmonton might seem a little silly! Although there is a large portion that covers the snow!

  5. Ok, is the setting for the dust bunnies book the stairs in my house?! Dog hair accumulates in startling quantities there! That book cover made me laugh out loud, I will definitely be checking that one out. I love sharing a funny book with my kids 🙂

  6. Love seeing all your picture book titles. I am a huge Calef Brown fan, so I must find that book. In fact it sounds like the perfect birthday present for my 6yo nephew. The Water Castle is in my book bag from the library and I’m so excited to read it, but must race through the overdue books in front of it that can’t be renewed first. (Bad patron!)

    • Lorna, I just got off the phone with Calef Brown! He is currently living in Vancouver and we are arranging a visit to my school! He is not only extremely talented but also very generous! I am so, so excited! Your nephew would love this book. All good pirates need their own copy! It sounds like you are an enthusiastic library patron! (takes one to know one . . . )

      • Screaming for you (and your school/students!)! That is such great news, Carrie!! My youngest and I were just reciting some of favorite Calef poetry lines before I shuffled her into bed. 🙂

      • I know! I am over the moon. Found him on twitter after my class did reviews of Pirateria so that I could send him the link! My students can’t wait to do art projects based on this Pirate book.

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