The First Mosquito

Our BLG book this week was The First Mosquito written and illustrated by Caroll Simpson. Thanks to Bill for reading us this dramatic tale.

the First Mosquito

Young Yax is upset when he cannot accompany his father to trade on the other side of the mountains. But his mother and sister Sook need him at home. When Yax loses his spear in the forest, he decides to show how brave he is and heads into the forest to look for it.  By evening, Yax has not returned. His mother and sister are very worried and Yax’s Mother vows to rid the forest of the Bloodsucking Monster that Mouse Woman whispered to her about. Sook and her mother set about a plan that will do away with Bloodsucking Monster and save Yax. All of them must be inventive and brave. What happens is very exciting (student comments will give the dramatic ending away :-))

Students loved hearing about all of the Supernatural creatures and beings in this book (there is a detailed description of each in the back of the book) and loved Simpson’s art work. There was mumbling all through the story:

  • Wow. Her pictures are so beautiful.”
  • “I love the art.”
  • She does such nice drawing.”

Also lots of comments about the creatures:

  • I’m a little scared of Creek Woman.
  • “Those Lightening Snakes are powerful.” (This child leaped out of his seat to get a better look!)
  • The Wild Man of the Woods is easily tricked for food!”

Student writing reveals how engaging we found this story!

Student reviewers respond:

Kala: Why did you make the blood sucking monster go to the fire? I like your pictures! But I think they are so real.

Ava: My favourite part was when the bloodsucking monster was pushed into the fire and the ashes turned into mosquitoes. I felt a little bit scared and I felt like, “Yes!”

Shereese: I like when the Mom saved the day! I like the art too. I like Creek woman crouched under the creek. I love those pictures. You are a great artist!

Ashley: My favourite part was when the bloodsucking monster turns into mosquitoes  The sucking monster seems like he is mean!

Kelvin: Bloodsucking monster came to eat their blood. And the bloodsucking monster fell into the fire and turned into one million mosquitoes.

Heman: The best part was when the bloodsucking monster went into the fire and transformed into mosquitoes. I liked it when Yax ran away from the man. I was scared when the blood sucking monster ran to the beach.

Vicky: My favourite part was when the blood sucking monster transformed into some mosquitoes. I want to know what happens next.

Andrew: My favourite part was when the bloodsucking monster went in the fire. What happens when the lightning snake shoots you? What happens now?

Ethan: I know why Bill picked this book because it’s almost Chinese New YEar. I like that book. It’s awesome!

Kevin: My favourite part was when the blood sucking monster transforms into mosquitoes. Where did the thunder snakes shoot? At who?

Brian: You are a good reader Bill. that book was scary. The Mom that push the bloodsucking monster was a super Mom. I felt scared when Yax and Sook was coming to be eaten.

Kassidy: Why did the mother push the monster into the fire? How did you come up with this story? I like your story. I like your pictures. I like when the boy fell on the ground, then one of the nice monsters told the boy to go. How do you make the book from the pictures? How do you do the lightning snakes together? I like the Creek Woman. How do you draw the monsters? I like the part with the monster wild man of the woods and the wild woman of the woods and the woodworm. I like all of them. I love you. Love, Kassidy

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