I Feel a Foot

We shared a gorgeous picture book in class today which inspired some beautiful art. I Feel a Foot is written by Maranke Rinck and illustrated by Martijn van der Linden.

Turtle, Bat, Octopus, Bird and Goat awake in the dark of night to a sound. Each one goes exploring and runs into some kind of creature. Turtle thinks it is a humungous turtle because he feels what seems to be a turtle leg. Bird thinks he feels a beak. It must be a huge bird! Octopus thinks he feels a large tentacle. The creature is an octopus (super sized). In the end it turns out that each animal felt just one body part and that the animal is actually . . .  Do you think you can guess?

We were inspired by the bright colours in the illustrations to make our own turtles and birds.


We used oil pastels, coloured construction paper and tried to create interesting patterns and outlines around our animals.


We then cut out around the outside of  our creations.  Ms. Gelson and Miriam glued them onto black construction paper and they are posted on a bulletin board in our classroom! Come in and take a peek!


We love the expressive eyes and smiles on these turtles!


The great thing about this project? Everyone finished an animal! And . . . all of our work was displayed together. Posted together, the effect is all the more striking!


Every picture is so unique!


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