Willie and Uncle Bill

Our last BLG book of the year was read by Deborah. Willie and Uncle Bill by Amy Schwartz is a hilarious collection of three adventures all ideal to read out loud!

willie and uncle bill

There are babysitters and then there are babysitters. Babysitters of the “Let’s embrace a little wild, a little mischief, a little of what your mother doesn’t know won’t hurt her” kind. Uncle Bill is that guy. He is the kind of uncle/babysitter that introduces Willie to adventures of the everyday kind (“Let’s make icky stew!”), the rockstar kind (guitars, squeals and stomps) and the because we must kind (thank goodness for barbers who can make self styled cuts “all better”). And . . . . the house still looks good when Mom returns (being a Mom, I noticed this important detail).

A lovely read aloud celebrating family, fun and adventure.

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