Dragon Boating!

Today the entire school went Dragon Boating near the Creekside Community Center in False Creek.

Division 5 was very excited about this trip! Big smiles on the bus and as we waited to get suited up and into the boats!

Catriona and Khai can’t wait to see the boats we will ride in!


Waiting near the water in the sunshine is just fine with us!


Being excited before it begins is half the fun!


We learned how to hold our paddles and about the different calls like “Let it Ride!” (which means rest!)


Then it was into the boats with our buddies and out into False Creek!


Students loved seeing everyone on all of the other boats especially as we lined up for races!

Dragon Boating Pics 054

And of course, eating lunch after all of our hard work was a highlight of our trip! Happy boys in the hotdog line!


Students expressed their gratitude to the “Dragon Boaters” (Thanks to Dragon Boat BC and Canadian International Dragon Boat Festival Society) by writing thank you letters when we returned to school.

Thanks also go to the Vancouver community and matched funds from Adopt a School which allowed us to pay for bus transportation to and from the Community Center.

Some excerpts here:

Dear Dragon Boaters:

I got wet a bit but I had so much fun! Thanks. But why can we not see fish? From Jacky

I never in my whole life Dragon Boated! But now I have. I want to go again and again. From Carmen

It was good nobody fell in the water. I liked going under the bridge. It was hard pushing the water but I tried my best to do it. From Truman

Thank you for letting our whole school come boating. It was so much fun learning and going fast in the water. We loved eating hotdogs and hot chocolate. From Isa

Thank you for such a good time. I was a little scared at first but when I saw the boat, I knew it wasn’t going to tip over so it turned out to be okay. At the end of paddling my arms felt so tired that I had to go to the doctor. Just joking ha ha ha From Shae Lynn

I liked it when we raced. I won every race. I was in row 8. I’m 8 years old and it was my first time (I was scared) I had a blast. Thank you From Purity

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to go! One of my favourite parts was when we saw a black bird that kept dipping its head underwater. I’ve never been in a Dragon boat before and it was AWESOME! From Catriona

I was excited! I like paddling and I like racing but my hand got tired. We went fast when we were going under the bridge. I’m glad we went dragon boating and I want to go again. From Raymond

Thanks for letting us come Dragon Boating. And thanks for the Hot Chocolate and the granola bars and the hotdogs and the juice. I want to go again. From Reiko

Thank you for taking us dragon boating. My boat came second. I liked the food. But my favourite part was racing. From Raelyn

My favourite part was racing. I had a lot of fun! I was very excited. Even though I got wet it was still the best trip. That was my first time dragon boating. From Khai 

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