Silly Goose’s Big Story

A recent BLG book read by Maria was Keiko’s Kasza‘s Silly Goose’s Big Story.

Goose and his friends often act out the stories Goose makes up when they are playing. Each story is full of drama, excitment and adventure. The only problem is that Goose always wants to be the hero. When his friends point out that they would like to have a turn to be the hero, Goose disagrees, even when he is accused of being selfish.

When a big wolf sneaks up on the animals, Goose gets the chance to really be the hero or he will end up as lunch! He tries out his story telling talents on the wolf trying to scare him away. Wolf is having none of it until the monster that Goose is describing seems to come to life. Students quickly figured out that it was Goose’s brave and clever friends who were pretending to be the monster that scared the wolf away. Goose figured out that his friends were his real life heroes!

A sweet little story about being there for your friends and learning about what is really important.

Our student reviewers report:

Truman: I like the part when Goose scared the wolf away wih his story

Raymond: I like when they scare the wolf!

Khai: I like how the author did it so the Goose’s friends were mad at Goose and they still helped.

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