It is spring when cherry blossoms are everywhere!

We just completed the most gorgeous Art Project celebrating Spring. We are lucky that we get to walk under numerous cherry trees during Walk and Talk as they surround Seymour School. In honour of the gorgeous pink blossoms and sweet scent we created . . .


Our art was inspired by a post on this Art Blog, A Faithful Attempt.  Here is the step by step (adapted for a primary class: (Note: these pieces were completed over 3 days to allow for drying time in between)

Step one: Paint a blue sky background, using an upside down yogurt container to protect an area and create the perfect full moon.


Step two: Using watery blue paint, paint blue over the entire page and then let dry overnight.


Step three: With very watery black paint, draw a line down the page to give an outline for your tree


Step four: With a tiny straw (I cut full sized straws in half) blow! Create branches by chasing wet paint across the page. This is lots of fun! Let dry.


Helpful tips: blow with straw right in the paint!


Another helpful tip: Blow across the page, not just blowing up the line vertically


Step five: Using a mixture of red, pink, pale purple and white paint, create blossoms.


Many of us had fun blending colours


So, consensus?


We think they are beautiful! Come check out the display in the hallway outside of our classroom! Happy Spring!

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