I had been waiting for an afternoon where we weren’t in the middle of anything to share this book with my students. I wanted calm time to savour the illustrations and the lovely poetic text. And then we would need some time to talk stars. And do some art of course!

The first day back after Spring Break proved to be the perfect day. We were easing back into routines and needed an afternoon of a beautiful book and some time to create. Stars (written by Mary Lyn Ray and illustrated by Marla Frazee) is one of my new favourite picture books. A book that celebrates stars and all that they might mean and represent. A book that asks us to think what if we could collect stars . . . have one? gather a bunch? Imagine. Stars are about magic. And wishing. And possibilities. About nature – snowflakes,  flower blossoms, dandelion seeds on the wind.

Blow a ball of dandelion and you blow a thousand stars into the sky.

I love the simplicity and the power behind Ray’s text.

But stars that come with night- for those you have to wait for night. You need some dark to see them.

And the illustrations. Well. . . Frazee’s pictures always capture such joy.

inside art stars

Inspired by colourful, vibrant heart art of Jim Dine we used oil pastels to make our stars.

Raelyn is almost finished surrounding her stars with blocks of colour.


Carmen worked to create a feeling of movement.


Truman worked to make his picture feel like space including shooting stars!


2 thoughts on “Stars

  1. I have ordered Stars to give to my nephew. He is NOT a child, but I think this book – or what I have been able to read of it online and what reviewers say about it, will be perfect. You see, last month at 20 years old Ian dove into a part of a pool that was shallow and he did not know it. He broke his neck. He is in a hospital with more bells and whistles attached than you can shake a stick at. The prognosis initially was very bad but since then he has started breathing for 8 hours at a time on his own, is having muscle spasms in his legs and some sensation in his thigh and wiggled his toes a couple of times. The road ahead will still be a long and hard one for him. I bought him tons of books as a child. I want to make him a shiny star so that he will have something to put in his pocket. A star that will help him so then…”the dark that comes doesn’t feel so dark. I am hopeful this book will help.

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