Splish, Splash, Splat!

Maria, our BLG reader this week, brought in a new Splat book by beloved author/illustrator Rob Scotton. As soon as she revealed the cover there was a collective cry, “Splat!” We were excited! Splish, Splash, Splat! did not disappoint.

Do you have a fear of water? Does swimming seem more horrible than fun filled? Remember learning to swim and the fear around it? Well then this is a book for you! Many of us shared connections as Maria read the story.

Scotton explores the fear of learning to swim and makes it completely normal, all the while making us giggle as Splat gets up to his usual silly escapades. I found the picture of Splat perched gingerly above a full tub of bath water particularly amusing. That has happened in my house!

When Splat finally leaps into the water after the equally scared Spike, we celebrate the two water phobic cats facing their fears and discovering that water is not horrible and wet but that it tickles and is full of fun. And wow, those are some pretty cool swimshorts Splat acquires on the last page! 🙂

Our student reviewers report:

Khai: This was a funny book. Splat was so scared of water!

Truman: Splat and Spike were both scared of water and hid behind each other. I liked the book.

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