Nutrition Workshop!

We were lucky to have Maggie from Kin’s Farm Market and COBS Bread come in to our classroom today and lead us through some activities to learn more about nutritious food.

Maggie was enthusiastic and had lots of fun activities for the students to try, like a guessing game where they had to touch a fruit without seeing it and describe it to their classmates. Everyone wanted to share their observations!


We then got to smell, touch and interact with a dragon fruit, a plum and some grapes before finally getting the chance to eat these fruits!

What does it smell like?

What does it smell like?

Before we engaged in some mindful smelling and tasting of some bread samples and pieces of fruit, student helpers helped Maggie pass out samples to everyone and some students delighted in making food faces!

Smile if you like fruit!

Smile if you like fruit!

We sniffed and savoured our fruit and then shared our observations.

Smelling the black plum

Purity: White bread goes away faster in your mouth and whole wheat takes longer to chew

Shae-Lynn: This fruit is seedy! (dragon fruit) The seeds crunch when you chew and it sounds weird!

Thanks Maggie for letting us be food explorers! We always appreciate the opportunity to learn more and become interested in healthy foods!

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