Cowboy hats and Country dancing!

We knew a big party was coming! So we started getting ready!

Decorating hats

A fun afternoon of decorating hats got us into the mood for talking about cowboys, country music, horseback riding and just what happens at the Grey Cup anyway . . .

Decorating Extravaganza!

Many of us added our names and walked around the room admiring how we all looked in our fancy hats.

Some of us are extra cool!

But who could have predicted this?


Thanks to the Calgary Grey Cup Committee for bringing us a party we won’t soon forget! The band High Steppin’ Daddy had everyone kicking up their heels and twirling with our guests including Charlie Horse who managed to not step on any toes! Read Janet Steffenhagen‘s story in the Vancouver Sun  here. Photos by Ward Perrin.

via Vancouver Sun

via Vancouver Sun

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