Happy Halloween!

What a fun and exciting day we had today!

We started with a spooky read aloud, The Soup Bone written by Tony Johnston and illustrated by Margot Tomes.

This book is about a little lonely old woman who goes in search of a bone to make her soup a little more tasty. No bones in the the cupboards or the drawers or on the shelves. Not one bone anywhere. So the little old woman decides to go digging for a bone. This struck us as quite disgusting! “Eeew! The bone will be dirty!” ” Will it be a dino bone?” “Maybe a skeleton bone?” Well a skeleton was exactly what she found. The little old lady shrieked and ran away. When the skeleton decided to “skittle- skattle” into the house, Markus piped up “So finally she’s got some company!” And as we read on, we decided this story was a friendship story after all!

IMG_1384Following a spooky story time in the library with Ms. S after recess, we did math.

Today it was Pumpkin Patch Glyphs. Everyone had to design a pumpkin in a way that answered four questions.

Then everyone else had to look at the legend to learn more about their classmates as they examined the features of each pumpkin: stem, eyes, nose and mouth.

For example,  someone who loves chocolate would have a pumpkin with triangle eyes.

Is your favourite treat chips? Well then circle eyes for you. Lots of fun to look at all of the pumpkins up on the wall and make conclusions – most people like scary costumes for example. Glyphs are a way of organizing and representing data!

Some completed pumpkins:

Hailey is a chocolate lover who is not so sure about pumpkin pie.


Shae-Lynn does NOT like pumpkin pie and has yet to try pumpkin seeds.


Truman likes sweet treats and strange costumes.


In the afternoon, it was all about pumpkins!

These unsuspecting pumpkins donated by the Rotary Club . . .


turned into fabulous jack o’ lanterns with the help of our Big Buddies from Division 1.


Even a little bride on her way to a wedding stopped in to do some carving!


Final results looked something like this: successful carving and a big mess 🙂


Happy Halloween 2011!

2 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. Wow, what fun!!! Thanks again for sharing your party with the Rotary Club of Vancouver Yaletown! We look forward to seeing you again soon!!! Linda and Nancy

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