Great writers read (and take some inspiration!)

Today we read I wish I had a Dinosaur. This little title written by Ian Anggabrata (with Mingga Anggawan) and illustrated by Peter Sheehan provided lots of inspiration.


It begins simply: I wish I had a dinosaur and goes on to tell us all of the ways life might be changed if a dino really did take up residence. A dino could make you braver, stronger and faster. But would everything be perfect? Hmm. . .

We did some of our own writing in response to this book.

Khai wrote a mini story called I wish I had an Elephant.

My elephant could clean the house and my car. It could spray my garden so no more hose for me! It could guard my house. It could give me a ride to school. But he would go in the mud and get dirty and then I got to spend all my time giving it baths!

Catriona’s mini story was called I wish I had a Horse.

My horse could give me rides whenever I wanted. When I go to my aunt and uncle’s I ride horses. I could practice riding my horse. I could ride to school and I could have a lot of time on the playground. But I wouldn’t have anywhere to keep him. My backyard isn’t big enough and it would eat all the grass! I couldn’t keep it in the house – he would knock over everything over. And how would I feed it? I guess I won’t have a horse after all.

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