First Day of School

Early wake ups. Polished floors. Sharpened pencils. It’s back to school time!

Whether you are starting kindergarten, going to a new school or just dealing with  a new teacher, it is a day of emotions. What to read?

Lauren Child’s book I am TOO absolutely small for school hits on the starting school anxiety in a humourous, honest way. Lola has multiple reasons that she isn’t able to go to school – she is simply too busy and no, she doesn’t need to know how to count past ten. She has no plans to eat school lunches or wear a boring school uniform, etc., etc. Her big brother Charlie calmly assures her that all will be okay and that there is lots at school worth learning. Lola’s day turns out just fine.

Feeling anxious? Worried about making new friends? What if the work is hard? Will gym be fun? Will the other kids be nice? But kind of excited too?

All of these feelings are natural. New things bring worries and possibilities. And it all usually turns out pretty darn great 🙂

New friends. New learning. New opportunities.

Wishing everyone a great new school year for 2011/2012!

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