Books by Peter Brown

On my last visit to the library I picked up two new titles by Peter Brown. His books have big time kid appeal and I must admit, reading them out loud is pretty delightful.

Children Make Terrible Pets is a lovely twist on the “Look what I found Mom and can I keep it?” story. In this story the “it” is a boy who Lucy the Bear names Squeaker because of the strange sounds he utters. Those children quick to infer realized that probably the boy was actually speaking but Lucy couldn’t understand his human language. Squeaker is lovely to play with, eat with and nap with but “potty training” him doesn’t go so well. When Squeaker goes missing, Lucy follows his scent and discovers that he has his own family and his own home. This leads her to do a lot of thinking and to finally conclude that yes, children DO make terrible pets!

Can I keep him PLEASE?

Brown’s Flight of the DoDo is an extremely amusing tale about a group of flightless birds (The Waddlers) who dream of being Flappers (birds that can fly). Why is it so delightful? Well, watching a penguin, an ostrich, a cassowary and a kiwi bird try to invent a flying machine is quite funny. Cassowary attempting to eat the fluffy white clouds brings a lot of smiles. But it is penguin’s determined (and then necessary) target pooping that steals the show. The DoDo is certainly one amazing flying machine. But it is really fantastic with a bunch of birds poised on its edge with bottoms aiming carefully at the ground below!

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