Off on a rocket ship!

Our class has been working with Ms. Linda Chen, a student teacher from UBC on a multi-step art project and we are almost finished!

By the end of the week, we hope to have our finished pieces hanging up in our classroom and on outside bulletin boards. But for now, a sneak peek!

Students made collage rockets, drew astronauts and today worked on the composition of their pieces – placing rocket and astronaut in a space scene along with planets. Such fun!

Inspired by some images from this book: Joey and Jet in Space by James Yang.


Check out our room today!

P1020843Bird’s Eye view of a table busy creating!

Students are placing rocket ships in specific places on their page, thinking about where to put the astronaut and how they want to organize the planets in their space scene.

Everyone was on task and engaged!

If you look closely at the bottom left hand corner of the picture below, you can see that Eddy has placed his astronaut astride his rocket.

Talk about riding a rocket to the moon!


Students are using colourful planets cut from cellophane. Very effective!

Ms. Chen cut scraps of cellophane for students to use to decorate. She did a mini lesson on colour theory and had the students think about how the colours placed together might mix.

Some students used the pieces to decorate a planet. Others used the pieces to create a feeling of movement in space or as gasses or dust floating around the planets.


We were pleasantly surprised at how unique each piece was!

Students loved working with such bright colours.

Here is a piece where you can see the details of the rocket made using a collage of magazine images. The rockets are all absolutely gorgeous!

In this image the lone astronaut floats next to a planet as the rocket zooms by. An alien seems to be peeking at us from the blue swirly planet.


Keep checking for our finished pieces!

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