Yankovic? That Al Yankovic?

Yes, that “Weird Al” Yankovic has written a children’s book! I wouldn’t have believed it but Sam, our BLG reader this week, showed me the author photo on the back of this week’s book: When I Grow Up. This book celebrates the endless possibilities out there for all of us considering just what we might do when we do in fact, grow up.

This is a rhyming story so kids were joining in when they could predict the next word and it had big time giggle factor. We couldn’t help but laugh at Billy’s (our main character) ideas about haute cuisine – pickled baloney? candied pig’s feet? (This one got a chorus of “Eeews” and one “Awesome!”) So many interesting ideas for future careers. A giraffe milker (“Huh? Do giraffes have milk?”) A gorilla masseuse (“That means a massager right?”) A pickle inspector. A smelly pit-sniffing deodorant tester (“Ugh!”)

Lots of silly. Lots of yucky. Lots of fun.

At the end, Sam told the students they could go home and ask their parents if they know who “Weird Al” is. “We can’t go home now!” Jeremiah corrected. At eight, the world is a pretty literal place. 🙂

Hear Weird Al reading his book.

Our student reviewers report:

Lisa: “I like this book because it rhymes. It was funny when Billy put his hand up and his papers went up too.”

Hajhare: “I liked this book because it was kinda funny. This book reminds me of growing up to be a baseball player. I really like baseball. It’s my favourite sport.”

Jena: “I like this book because it is silly and it tells me all kinds of things I can do when I grow up. It also tells me I can do and be anything I want to be.”

When I Grow Up is illustrated by Wes Hargis

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