April and Esme Tooth Fairies

Our BLG reader Bill walked into an eager pyjama wearing audience today. It was a mini Camp Read at Seymour school. Bill might have been dressed in a suit but he had the perfect book to fit right into our pyjama theme! It featured sleeping people, comfortable beds and lots of characters dressed in their PJs! The book? April and Esme Tooth Fairies by Bob Graham.

This is a story about two little tooth fairies and their first tooth fetching venture. Graham has created a completely modern setting and feel to the story while at the same time giving us a whimsical sense of magic. We have cell phones, texting fairies and a ponytailed Dad doing the laundry. Yet, this is intermixed with pictures of toadstools, dandelion flowers and floaty white wings.

April and Esme spring the news on Dad

Despite their parents concerns about their “tooth fairy readiness”, April and Esme head off to claim Daniel Dangerfield’s lost tooth. When they find his room, they realize that Daniel has left his tooth in a glass or water and April has to dive down to the bottom to retrieve it. Oh dear – soggy wings! Daniel stirs and the girls panic. April texts Mom for advice! What to do? Whisper in Daniel’s ear: “We’re spirits of the air Daniel. You dreamed us. You did not see us.”

Scott blurted out: “That’s freaky! Is this non-fiction?  I wish it is!”

When Daniel woke up, he was convinced it was a dream. Meanwhile, our little fairies drift off to sleep exhausted from their tooth/coin exchanging adventure.

Such a fun story.

Our student reviewers report:

Kevin: It was a great book! It was funny because everyone had wings – even the dog!

Alyson: I liked the part where they were dreaming. It seemed like they were really doing it. Or . . . was it a dream?

Ricky: That was a great book you read! I always dream of being a fairy. I could make the things I want. Thank- you Bill for reading that book.

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