Gilbert the Hero

Deborah, our BLG reader this week, read us Gilbert the Hero – a sweet little story exploring sibling dynamics, written by Jane Clarke and illustrated by Charles Fuge.

Having to look after his little brother Finn is a real nuisance for Gilbert the shark. Finn is too small for everything! Too light to weigh down the sea-saw (an  old oar). Too small to leap out of the water without “splash” landing. Too tiny to flick the sea urchin for a game of finball. Just a bother. So Gilbert and his friends decide to put Finn in a seaweed swing and play their own adventurous games. Oh . . . don’t you just know this is going to lead to something bad? A student piped up, “Remember at the beginning – the Mom said don’t leave your little brother!”

When a large orca bursts out of nowhere with a mouth full of fish, Gilbert realizes that Finn is vulnerable. Instantly, he is a protective older brother zooming into action – reminding us that underneath all of that sibling rivalry, the connections are strong!

Our student reviewers report:

Eddy: I liked the part when Gilbert and Finn were playing on the sea saw and Gilbert hit the ground because he was big and heavy.

Kevin: I was scared when orcas came. I was afraid if the orca will eat Finn up.

Annie: It was scary when the orca was about to eat the baby shark who was strapped on a swing but Gilbert saved him. I was relieved.

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