Kiss me! (I’m a Prince!)

Maria, our BLG reader this week, read us a very different kind of fairytale. Kiss me! (I’m a Prince!) written by Heather McLeod and illustrated by Brooke Kerrigan,provided many surprises. Not your typical frog turns into prince and all live happily ever after by any means!

kiss me I'm a prince

So okay, first of all, you have got to know if you say the word kiss to a bunch of 7 and 8 year olds, it is going to get some giggles. Have that word repeated often in the story – “Kiss me! Why won’t you kiss me? Hey, hey, hey!” and you have everyone’s attention!

Our poor frog in this story is truly a prince and to get turned back – yep you guessed it- he needs to be kissed! He finds Ella and begs, “Kiss me. If you kiss me, I’ll turn into a prince.” He’s pretty persistent. Ella, though, is not so sure. “You’ll turn into a prince, but then what?” When the princely and promised princess life is described, she is definitely not impressed. Studying? Horsemanship? Suits and gowns? This life seems pretty devoid of play. She would rather have a talking frog.

So the frog gives up on getting kissed.

Maybe he’ll take a hug? suggested Miami.

Then Ella shows him the wonderful world of play time and he actually forgets about being a prince until a royal courtier arrives and takes him back to the castle.  When he returns to visit Ella, he is still a frog. He needs the true kiss of a friend to be transformed back. Ella wonders if this is what he really wants? He assures her that he has convinced his parents that a prince needs some down time in his day and they have agreed. “So yes, Ella, I want you to kiss me. Please?”

How does the story end? Well . . . they played happily ever after.

Our student reviewers report:

Josiah: I thought the book was very funny. The frog kept saying it over and over – Kiss me, I’m a Prince!

Ricky: Maria, that was a really great book you read! It was funny when the girl imagined that she was going to kiss the frog but she didn’t.

Jena: At the end, I thought it was very interesting because when she told the frog about having fun and playing hopscotch and swimming and Simon Says, the frog and Ella (the girl) turned out to be really good friends.

A great choice Maria!

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