Friends (Mostly)

Oh – thank goodness there are so many books written about friendship because friendship struggles are an inevitable part of every elementary school day. Friendships mean everything but they can sure be hard! Bill, our BLG reader today, brought in a sweet little story by Barbara Joose called Friends (Mostly).


Cheerfully illustrated by Tomaso Milian, this book explored the relationship between Henry and Ruby. Best friends –  but like any friends, they have the power to upset the other. Sometimes they are friends and sometimes “unfriends.” Friends worry.

Henry: last night, I had worry thoughts. What if Ruby finds another best friend? Nothing would be funny. Nothing would be regular. What would I do without Ruby?

Apologies soothe upsets and they can get back to being friends – for always and forever!

Our student reviewers report:

Alyson: I like this book because I have a friend in this class and he is nice. But sometimes we get into fights.

Jena: I have a friend and yesterday we got into a fight. But then the next day we forgave each other and found out that there was nobody like best friends!

Hajhare: I like this book because it was about friendship. I have a connection when Henry told a secret. When my friend told my secret, I was very angry so I told his secret. Then he was very mad too and he called me a name so I called him a name. You can sometimes be very mad at a friend.

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