Silas’ Seven Grandparents

Maria, our BLG reader this week, read us Silas’ Seven Grandparents written by Anita Horrocks and illustrated by Helen Flook.


This sweet little book is about a boy named Silas who is especially loved – times seven!  This can be quite amazing when birthday presents and birthday cakes come his way. But it can also be a little overwhelming. Seven grandparents trying to fuss over you when you are sick is a little much for one small boy. So is having seven grandparents trying to fit into the dressing room at his hockey games. When Silas needs to chose which grandparents he will stay with when his parents go on a trip, how can he possibly choose? He comes up with the perfect solution – all of the grandparents can come and stay with him!  A happy plan!

Poor Maria could barely get through a page today without being interrupted – children were connecting to everything! “Hey that’s like in the book . . .” “That reminds me of. . .” “Something like that happened in the book. . .” My, oh my, you would think all we do is read to these children (okay a little bit true!) But well-read children have lots of text to text connections. It was very exciting! We liked this book! And, oops, once Maria forgot to show the pictures. “The pictures Maria!!” the kids shouted. We were pretty impressed with all of Silas’ adventures and we did not want to miss a detail.

When I commented that I would like to have seven grandparents, Ricky was shocked.

If you did, they would all be so old! Whoa!”

You can’t have an ego and be a teacher 🙂

Our student reviewers report:

Annie: I like the part when they were growing plants. Silas’ Oma made him a quilt. I connected to Oma’s Quilt.

Hajhare: I liked the book because I had lots of connections to other books. This book is a fun book to read and that’s why I like it. I also connect to the book because I have lots of sisters and brothers.

Edwin: This book that Maria reads – I will put it in my diary when I get home. I retell the story so I can remember how good it is.

Thanks Maria – This was an ideal book to read on Pink Day when the theme of the day was celebrating diversity. This book showed us that all families do not look the same. Silas is a lucky boy to have all of this love from his grandparents and step-grandparents.

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