Shades of People

Sometimes it is the quick little read alouds that deliver the biggest message and create the atmosphere for the most dialogue. Thank you to Ms. Hong who we went to visit at Strathcona Library yesterday for recommending Shades of People created by Shelley Rotner and Sheila M. Kelly.


In this book, people are not described by their skin colour but rather the shade they come in – creamy, coffee, copper, almond, rose, bronze, brown . . . My favourite lines: Our skin is our covering, just like wrapping paper. And, you can’t tell what someone is like from the colour of their skin.

Snippets from our discussion:

“Everyone is not the same.”

“We have different skin, but the same inside like the heart, the brain, the bones.”

“We have the same emotions.”

“Our feelings come from the same place.”

Beautiful photographs capturing our diverse shades and simple text left us with lots to discuss and connect with.

Thanks Ms. Hong!

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