A Smelly Bill Story just in time for Valentines

Today our BLG reader, Maria, read us the silly rhyming story Smelly Bill –  Love Stinks written and illustrated by Daniel Postgate.


Smelly Bill the dog is inspired to take a bath to impress Peachy Snugglekins (a perfect white poodle).  Fresh out of his bath, he prances off to the dog show to try and win Peachy’s heart.

” What creature was it, can you tell? Why, it was Bill without the smell. He’d come to prove he was as fine As any fancy-pants canine.”

Fancy-pants canine! Can’t read that out loud without giggling!

Peachy’s owner, Aunt Bleach,  is horrified at the prospect of Bill as a potential suitor for her Peachy until Bill saves her from a boggy swamp.

Bleach hugged Bill to her grateful chest. “I think we know which dog’s the best . . .         Bill stinks, but he is brave and bold. And has a heart of solid gold!”

The story ends with Smelly Bill and Peachy Snugglekins perched atop the garden shed watching the evening sun go down – appropriately supervised by Aunt Bleach of course.


Our student reviewers report:

Edwin: Bill is helpful,  and respectful for helping the girl from the yucky mud puddle.

Annie: I like the part where Bill was in love with another dog and the owner was mad and making a face.

Josiah: I like it when Bill went in the mud and saved Peach. I love the title! It was funny because when Bill jumped in, he splashed them both.

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